European roots, international perspectives

The management of environmental issues requires adequate technologies and experienced human resources. Since over twenty years Ecoteam has specialized in industrial depuration, alongside companies that invest in the environmental quality of production processes. Yesterday Ecoteam was a pioneering enterprise, that believed and invested in a newborn business area. Today is a fully consolidated structure, aware of its own means, with roots in Italy but looking towards the international markets.


2021 News N3

2021: New order in the aeronautical sector


2020-Oct: Scraped type heat pump evaporator model ECOCR1500 destination France


2020-August: Scraped type heat pump evaporator model ECOCR1500 destination Switzerland

2021 News N4

New order for 3,000 l/d heat pump scraped evaporator


2020- August: Testing of the oily emulsions treatment plant completed, capacity 12,000 l / day


2020-July: Start-up of wastewater treatment plant in the anodic oxidation sector (Italy)

2021 News N2

ECOCR 1500 scraped heat pump evaporator delivered. Destination France


2020 July: Started ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) pickling phosphating in Italy

Export 3

2015-October: Delivered evaporator ECOCV30000 for Russian federation

Export 2

2015-October: Delivered supply for UEA

Italy N2

2015-October: Successfully started Automotive wastewater plant

2021 News N5

New order for 2 vacuum evaporators with mechanical vapor recompression
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