Since thirty years ago, Ecoteam designs, builds, installs and operates treatment plants and disposal of industrial waste.
A structure that has grown at the highest levels of technology and professional both in Italy and abroad.
A partner for the industry, capable of reconciling the needs of production with environmental protection.

Ecoteam: thirty years of pure service and the challenge continues


2021 News N3

2021: New order in the aeronautical sector


2020-Oct: Scraped type heat pump evaporator model ECOCR1500 destination France


2020-August: Scraped type heat pump evaporator model ECOCR1500 destination Switzerland

2021 News N4

New order for 3,000 l/d heat pump scraped evaporator


2020- August: Testing of the oily emulsions treatment plant completed, capacity 12,000 l / day


2020-July: Start-up of wastewater treatment plant in the anodic oxidation sector (Italy)

2021 News N2

ECOCR 1500 scraped heat pump evaporator delivered. Destination France


2020 July: Started ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) pickling phosphating in Italy

Export 3

2015-October: Delivered evaporator ECOCV30000 for Russian federation

Export 2

2015-October: Delivered supply for UEA

Italy N2

2015-October: Successfully started Automotive wastewater plant

2021 News N5

New order for 2 vacuum evaporators with mechanical vapor recompression
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