When wastewater is difficult to manage

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Zero Liquid Discharge
Water recovery
Wastewater treatment


Evaporation is a technological process that allows to treat wastewater obtaining the condensed solvent (water) at a low conductivity and a concentrate, enriched in solute, whose volume is a fraction of the wastewater input.

Evaporation is widely used in the treatment of difficult industrial wastewater as:

  • High salinity
  • High concentration of organic substances
  • Plating
  • Industrial painting
  • Vibrofinishing
  • Mechanic industry
  • Oily emulsions
  • Die casting
  • Landfill leachate

The noblest application of the evaporation process, regarding diluted waste water, is obtained when the recovery of the concentrate and the reuse of the condensate take place.

An example of "ennoblement", concerning evaporation, is the treatment of washings after galvanic processes (Chrome plating, Nickel plating), in which the condensate at low conductivity is used as washing system and the concentrate is used as a raw material of the process.

Evaporation is also applied as a reduction system of management costs in "difficult" wastewater treatment, thanks to the reduction in volume through water recovery and eventual transfer of the concentrate to authorized third parties.

An example is the treatment of oily emulsions that, if properly treated by evaporation, allows to obtain a reusable condensate in the production process and a concentrate which may also be conferred free.

Evaporation is a process that requires energy that can be "recovered" by waste energy or directly supplied; Ecoteam studies every application optimizing both the production processes and the energy consumption.

Ecoteam has developed its own range of evaporators unit using the best technologies such as Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR), Heat Pump (HP) or energy flows' recovery (HW), which, whethere correctly applied, may solve many problems of industrial wastewater treatment, with management costs either acceptable or, in many cases, advantageous compared to other technical solutions.

Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR) technology is very interesting in terms of management low costs: if included within complex projects, by technical experts, it can lead to a lower cost of ownership compared to standart wastewater treatment discharging in a sewer.


Evaporator M.V.R. (Mechanical Vapour Recompression)

Evaporator - Scaped type Heat Pump

Evaporator - Heat Pump 

Sludge treatment
Sludge drying
Control and process optimization


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2021 News N3

2021: New order in the aeronautical sector


2020-Oct: Scraped type heat pump evaporator model ECOCR1500 destination France

2022 News N4

2022-March: Evaporator with mechanical vapor recompression, the new model gives excellent results in terms of electricity consumption

2021 News N4

New order for 3,000 l/d heat pump scraped evaporator

2022 News N3

2022-March: Ecoteam approves the 2021 financial statements, a result in line with previous years

2022 News N2

2022-March: New contract for a zero discharge purification plant in the aeronautical sector

2021 News N2

ECOCR 1500 scraped heat pump evaporator delivered. Destination France

2022 News N1

2022-March: New Order from international customer (4th plant with Ecoteam)

Export 3

2015-October: Delivered evaporator ECOCV30000 for Russian federation

Export 2

2015-October: Delivered supply for UEA

Italy N2

2015-October: Successfully started Automotive wastewater plant

2021 News N5

New order for 2 vacuum evaporators with mechanical vapor recompression
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